Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Robots Are Comin'

I just received a video from Rhet (my son) who, after graduating from Art Center, has carved himself an impressive professional career as a DP (director of Photography) with several acclaimed music videos, commercials and his most recent achievement - DP for the Sarah Silverman TV series -  an original approach to an otherwise lack-luster stream of automobile commercials.  

Rhet explained that this project started out as a  "just for fun experiment" between himself and an associate to demonstrate the creative results achievable using "things around the house".  The 30-second blurb was shot using a series of home-made camera booms mounted to Rhet's daily driver, a personal camera and edited / mixed on his personal computer.  The "studio" was an empty parking ramp somewhere near his home in S. Calif.  

If you are interested in other videos shot by Rhet check them out at:

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