Friday, January 16, 2009

The Kenyans Are Coming! The Kenyans Are Coming ...

It seems that once the word got out that President Elect Obama and the new First Lady were hoping to have Mrs. Obama's mother share the White House with them, many residence of Obama's paternal homeland believed that the hospitality he was demonstrating toward his mother-in-law might also be offered to them, if only they could get to DC to accept.  When promoter Amal Schummad learned of the Kenyan's  predicament  his instincts led him to immediately create a somewhat organized desert exodus for the wanna-bee White House occupants.  Their arrival in Washington DC is expected to  coincide with Tuesday's inauguration festivities.  

There has been no word from the Office of the President Elect on how they plan to select or if any selection will take place, but the immigrant's vehicle parked on the front lawn promises to be interesting.  From the looks of it no one should be without bedding once they get settled in.  When asked what arrangements had been made for the group once they arrive in Washington DC, Schummad made it clear that his responsibility was only to get the group to the capital city.  What happens to them after that is of no concern to him.

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