Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Enough to Remind Me .....

Yep!  Nearly every year we get enough of the white stuff to remind me of those cold, snowy winters I hated so much in Iowa.  Here however we can enjoy the change and see the beauty because we know that in a day or two it will be gone.  Without an army of men driving a motor pool full of road equipment capable of clearing hundreds of miles of roads in a couple hours or more most  residence stay in their homes for the duration. 

Having emptied the supermarket shelves of milk and bread several days earlier, they are confident that they're prepared to wait-out the "blizzard" conditions in style.  Even I have gotten into that routine.  

It's not so much that the roads are not clear but rather because you can be sure that each person you meet  has no more than a hand full of days of experience driving in the stuff. It is difficult to dodge all the potentials for disaster along the way. It's simply not worth the risk.  Because everyone is in the same boat, employers and shop keepers are very accommodating when freezing rain and snow begins to fly in North Carolina. 

So, now we've had our winter storm for this season and being the first day of March it won't be long before nearly every bush, tree and plant that grows here will be in bloom.  

Springtime in NC is perhaps the most wonderful place in all the country to be and April is only a short 4-weeks of waiting away!


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